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We often get questions regarding what kind of climbers one should choose, how professional climbing differs from other types of climbing or how Vovo ensures work safety. Below we provide answers to the frequently asked questions, but if you didn't find a question that's been bothering you, please contact us via provided contacts and we promise to answer to all your questions!

  • Why it is best to choose professional rope access services?

    If you want to do any job at high altitude or other hard-to-reach places, you will need not only a special gear, but also special skills to do that. Vovo climbers are specialists that are experienced and continuously improving their skills, and they can be trusted with the most demanding jobs. Professional rope access services are safe and reliable at any height, in any conditions.
    The gear, which is needed for high altitude jobs, is expensive and specific, so in order to complete jobs like that yourself, you will need to think through many different things and to take care of every detail. So rope access services will not only save you the trouble, but money as well. It's definitely a more economical and easier decision for you.

  • What are professional rope access services?

    Professional rope access services - a sort of services when experienced and qualified mountaineering specialists do different jobs at high altitude. This kind of climbing is used for commercial purposes when experienced professionals use special gear and do jobs at high altitude or in hard-to-reach places.

  • How much does the services of Vovo climbers cost?

    Vovo climbers calculate the price of the job by individually evaluating each object. The price depends on the volume of the job, complexity and due date, attachment opportunities, height and structure of the building. So in order to get the most accurate offer, provide as much information as possible.

  • What kind of climbers should be chosen?

    Today rope access services are very popular, so it is important to evaluate how they are working. These climbers should use at least 2 ropes, wear a helmet, all the tools they are using should be attached, and the territory they are working above should be fenced. All of this is necessary to ensure the safety not only of the climber, but also of the client, his property and third parties.

  • How Vovo climbers ensure work safety?

    This job is a difficult and dangerous, and without following the basic work safety rules, there's a risk not only for the climbers, but also for the client. So, if you're in need of industrial climbing services, spend some time to find out what kind of gear they are using and how experienced they are.
    Vovo rope access services are professional, high-quality and oriented towards complete work safety. This means that we spend a lot of time training our employees and improving their skills, and selecting the best gear. Because only trustworthy employees and gear can ensure high-quality and safety.

  • What are the working hours of Vovo climbers?

    Our clients are the most important to us, that's why Vovo climbers provide their services at any time, at any day which are agreed upon beforehand.

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