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Vovo rope access technician – enthusiastic team, constantly seeking for the best results and putting their clients wishes first.

Usually jobs at high altitude are extremely dangerous, so it is important they would be done by certified industrial climbers that are used working in the most extreme conditions. Using only professional gear, specifically designed for industrial mountaineering, these specialists will reach even the most complicated locations and spaces in various heights and will excel at any job assigned.

Amateurs working in high altitudes and not following safety protocols, risk theirs and others lives, so Vovo climbers always measure the risk before they start the job to ensure that all the safety precautions are taken. The services we provide meet the highest standards, because Vovo employees are continuously learning and improving their skills.

  • Professionals
    We work with experienced industrial climbers that are able to complete even the most difficult tasks.
  • Flexibility
    We arrive at any time you prefer and complete the job as soon as possible.
  • Safety
    Vovo climbers use professional and trusted gear, ensuring yours and ours safety.
  • High quality
    Our experience allows us to always find a solution and provide high-quality services.
Our services
  • Cleaning services
    Cleaning of windows, facades, constructions, roofs and other special cleaning services
  • Assembling services
    Assembling/disassembling services of constructions, commercials and other special objects
  • Painting services
    We provide painting services of facades, chimneys and other objects at high altitude
  • Other services at high altitude
    Various jobs at high altitude, discussed after receiving a request
Customer feedback
  • Thank you for an amazing job, the windows are so clean and shiny that it's nice to be home. It's great just to sit around when you have kids, and to see how professionals do their job. ? I recommend it to everyone!

    Lina Client
  • What we have to say about Vovo employees is short and sweet: busy as the bees, fast as the Superman and trustworhy like a „Mercedes-Benz“.

    K29 Client
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